SSO in Flipsnack

Increase your company’s security and create a more streamlined user experience through SSO:

  • Allow team members to connect quickly and securely to Flipsnack
  • Simplify user provisioning for your IT admins
  • Share documents with teammates through SSO without requiring them to create an account

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Why should your company use SSO?

With an SSO system, team members from your organization can connect to different websites and applications they have been granted access to, by using a single set of credentials. Fewer accounts to manage for your IT administrators and fewer passwords to remember for your team members mean increased productivity, enhanced user experience, and extra security. With Flipsnack, you can choose from different SSO protocols, such as SAML, OpenID, and OAuth. Connect your preferred identity provider, such as Okta, Azure, Google Workspace, or more.

Benefits of using a Single Sign-On system

Use one set of credentials

With an SSO system, your employees can access multiple resources using one set of credentials.

Reduce bad password habits

One set of credentials eliminates password fatigue and reduces bad password habits.

Save time for your IT admins

With an SSO system, user provisioning and deprovisioning are much faster, saving time for IT admins.

Increase company security

Combine SSO with two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Flipsnack account for extra protection.

Alisha VanTiem

Flipsnack has been a great tool for our HR Team’s communication needs. Their range of wonderful security options for our documents was the #1 selling point!

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator
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Types of identity protocols we support


SAML works by exchanging authentication and authorization information between an identity provider and a service provider. Its main advantage is that users can access different applications using a single set of credentials.


OpenID allows users to log in to multiple websites using a single existing account. Only the identity providers can access the user passwords with OpenID for authentication purposes. The passwords are never shared with other websites.


OAuth is an open-standard authorization framework that uses access tokens instead of credentials to grant users entry to websites or applications. OAuth allows a user’s information to be used by third parties without sharing the user information with said third parties.

User provisioning

With Single Sign-On, user provisioning is much easier for IT admins. Once the admin sets up the SAML SSO and configures the provisioning in Flipsnack, an account will be automatically created when the user first logs in to Flipsnack through the SSO. The same goes for deprovisioning, as admins can instantly edit and revoke access based on needs.

Enforced SSO

With enforced Single Sign-On, you can better control how your team members log into their Flipsnack accounts. Disable standard log-in and demand all team members to connect through SSO for extra security and better account management.

SSO Sharing Options

Single Sign-On for viewers

Share your publications with the entire company without requiring your employees to have a Flipsnack account. Offer smooth, instant, and secure SSO access for reading internal documents by only requiring your employees to enter their company’s SSO credentials.

Single Sign-On for readers

Share private documents with your readers directly through your SSO system. Ask your readers to create a Flipsnack account and share publications with them in a secure manner. Require SSO authentication for the most advanced level of security.

Protect your company's data with SSO

Share and keep your documents as secure as possible