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Companies that use data and business analytics to guide decision making are more productive and experience higher returns on equity than competitors that don’t.

Strength in Numbers
How Does Data-Driven Decisionmaking Affect Firm Performance?

Use data to make better decisions

You shouldn’t have to guess what interests your audience.

Get a clear picture by turning to facts and figures.
Flipsnack provides real-time data analytics for your catalog marketing strategy, so you will be able to monitor the impact of everything that you publish through our platform. We provide easy integration with Google Analytics, so you can dig deeper to uncover insights.


Real-time insights about content performance


Check our statistics and Google Analytics data to track customer behavior


Identify patterns and correlate them with other attributes that are relevant for your business


Deliver audience-tailored, behavior-based content to engage your customers

Content marketing is the wave of the future

There’s a growing trend of brand magazines and ebooks used in marketing, because of the huge demand. Customers feel more connected to brands that produce high quality, long form content in a visually appealing format. It is exactly why Flipsnack is the right solution for you.

“80% of millennials expect brands to develop content for them, wanting to be directly entertained through content marketing.”


Professional catalogs: a great way to increase revenue

Showcase your company’s products or services in a stylish catalog, to boost online sales. A well designed interactive catalog with compelling imagery and copy can be easily used as a sales tool.

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