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Flipsnack is an online flipbook maker that allows you to turn any PDF into an interactive document. Collaborate on creating branded marketing materials that you can easily share with your clients. Generate new leads, keep track of statistics and adapt your marketing strategy. Use Flipsnack as the solution for your marketing needs.

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Keep your audience hooked for longer

Do you want to keep your customers engaged with your marketing materials? Make them interactive. Upload your PDF and turn any magazine, flyer, brochure, or catalog into a captivating reading experience. Use Flipsnack as your online marketing tool.

Internal and external links

Include hyperlinks and customize their action. Use them as external links to websites or as go-to-page buttons for internal navigation.

Audio & Video buttons

If text isn’t enough, rely on audio or video elements to deliver your message. Upload your own files or include URLs from YouTube or Vimeo.

Captions & Tags

Use captions or tags to provide additional information about topics from your marketing material. Include text or add a URL that your clients can easily access.

Lead forms

Do you use ebooks as a content marketing tool? Populate them with customizable lead forms, then download the information in a CSV. Use them to generate leads.


Embed product catalogs, digital brochures, or ebooks on your website for easy access. Customize the look, and copy and paste the embedded link.

Popup frames

With popup frames, you embed interactive content in your flipbooks without displaying it directly on the page. Maintain a simple design in your publications.

Create from scratch in our integrated Design Studio

Low on the budget and in need of designers? No worries. With Flipsnack, you can quickly create stunning page flip marketing materials. Easy to use, with no design skills required. Let your imagination run wild, and create engaging publications for your customers in minutes. Add text and images, then use our intuitive design tool to drag-and-drop interactive elements to the page.

Start your design with a template

Don’t have a PDF to upload? No problem. Browse our large selection of free templates and choose the one to fit your needs. Personalize it with your brand elements, make it interactive, and share it with your clients.

Marketing Brochure Templates

Use Flipsnack as a content creation tool. Start with a marketing brochure template to promote your latest products or services.

More brochure templates

eBook Templates

Choose a marketing ebook and customize it to your needs. Include a lead form and simplify the process of generating leads.

More ebook templates

Promotional Flyer Templates

Use a flyer to promote your next grand event or discounted offer. Choose a template, make it yours, and send it as an email newsletter.

More flyer templates

Business Catalog Templates

Turn your digital business catalog into an engaging experience with Flipsnack. Embed the catalog on your website for easy access.

More catalog templates

Marketing Presentation Templates

Grab a presentation template and showcase your marketing strategy. Include GIFs, videos, and other elements to make your pitch.

More presentation templates

Marketing reports

Track and present the success of your marketing campaigns. Start with a marketing report template. Choose a template, and add charts to highlight your progress.

More report templates
fabiola vidal

Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Share where your customers are

Reaching your target audience is essential for any marketing campaign. Customers might use different platforms, but with Flipsnack, you can easily share your content anywhere.


Send your marketing materials as direct links, which can be accessed from any device. Send once, then update them as many times as needed.

Social media

Promote your marketing materials on social media. Copy and paste the link into a social media post, or share directly from Flipsnack.


Embed product catalogs, digital brochures, or ebooks on your website for easy access. Customize the look, and copy and paste the embedded link.


Send your publications as periodical email newsletters. Upload your contact list, brand your emails, and keep your customers constantly updated.

Limit access to your flipbooks

Whether you share internal documents with your marketing team or email newsletters with your subscribers, rest assured that only the intended recipients will access your documents. With Flipsnack, there are different privacy options to choose from:

  • Unlisted
  • Password protected
  • Share with readers
  • Share through SSO

Therese H. Lindeløv

Flipsnack helps us improve our internal digital communication. The features in Flipsnack make our collections and functionalities come alive and intriguing, helping us promote every level of detail and design concept, as well as material innovation to our store staff globally. From the beginning, Flipsnack has understood our priority of IT safety first, and their internal developers have worked to meet our high requirements.

Therese H. Lindeløv
Creative Content Manager, Global Product

Ensure brand consistency across all channels

Maintaining brand consistency across multiple channels and campaigns can be challenging. Choose from our different branding options and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding your brand guidelines. Protect your brand identity.

Uploads in Flipsnack

Save your brand assets

Upload custom fonts, colors, logos, and typography rules in a shared library anyone from your organization can access. Use these brand assets in your marketing materials.

Lock options in Flipsnack

Create branded locked templates

Ensure brand consistency. Lock the content, position, style, and size for elements in your publications. Save the design layouts as templates and use them for future projects.

Custom domain in Flipsnack

Use custom domains

Use customizable URLs when sharing digital flipbooks so potential leads can easily recognize your brand. Share in branded full-screen mode for an enhanced experience.

Work together in Flipsnack

Bring your entire team and collaborate on your marketing campaigns. Simply your workflow: organize teams in workspaces, and assign different roles and permissions. Save your documents in folders and subfolders for easy access. Leave notes and comments on flipbooks to save time and improve efficiency.

Workspaces, roles and permissions in Flipsnack

Optimize your marketing strategy for success

For any marketing campaign to be successful, you need to analyze different data and plan accordingly. This can’t be done with PDFs. However, you can upload your PDFs and keep track of different statistics:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Downloads
  • Average time spent
  • Engagement
Measure data for each flipbook or all your flipbooks combined. Integrate Google Analytics and gain access to even more advanced statistics.

Learn more on this subject and Flipsnack:

Marketing materials are branded items that businesses use as part of their marketing strategy to promote a product or service. Mainly used in physical form, they have become increasingly popular over the years in the digital world. The most popular type of marketing material is text. Examples of written marketing materials include brochures, flyers, catalogs, postcards, and others.

As mentioned above, marketing materials are mainly used to promote a product or a service. However, they have additional benefits. Since marketing materials are branded, they can help with a brand’s visual identity. They can make a brand stand out from the crowd. It is easier to convey a message using visual elements than text alone. Since marketing materials combine the two, they draw attention to a particular subject: a discounted price, an event, and so on.

Flipsnack can help you through the entire process, from creating the marketing materials to sharing them, generating leads, and finally keeping track of statistics. With Flipsnack you can either upload a PDF, use a template, or start from scratch to turn a regular document into an engaging flipbook. Adding interactivity is a breeze, as Flipsnack offers an included design tool. Once documents are interactive, you can easily share them through different methods, and keep track of how well they perform.

The content creation tool for your marketing needs

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