Intuitive flipbook maker with complex design tool

Flipsnack is more than just a simple PDF-to-flipbook converter. With our Design Studio, you can make any publication interactive. No PDF? No problem! Design from scratch or choose a premade template and personalize it. Regardless of the method, the process is simple and intuitive. Place elements on the page and edit them to your liking. Once done, save the design as a template.

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Magazine Templates

Choose from dozens of professional magazine templates and impress your readers with a sleek design, Vogue-style. Personalize it with your images and content and make it interactive through links, videos, photo slideshows, spotlight images, and more.

Catalog Templates

Whether you want to present a new clothing collection or a holiday catalog with irresistible promotions, there are countless catalog templates to choose from. Add product tags or buy buttons to encourage more sales or to educate viewers about what you’re offering.

Brochure Templates

Creating informational brochures for your audience has never been easier. There is a proper brochure template for every industry out there. Pick from marketing, business, real estate, travel brochures and personalize it with your content before adding interactivity.

Presentation Templates

Dazzle your coworkers or potential clients with professional presentations, created in Flipsnack’s Design Studio. Start from the desired presentation template and fill it with interactive charts, tables to present your data visually. Get started today!

Add interactivity with a few clicks


Provide context with internal and external links. Add them over text, images or other areas of your flipbook.

Social media & buy buttons

Grow your online presence with social media buttons and your sales with buy buttons for catalogs.

Product tags

Offer more information about your products through these tags. Add pictures, price and link to your website.


Put the focus on small images with the spotlight effect. When clicked, a pop up appears with the enlarged photo.

Videos & GIFs

Upload your own videos, GIFs or insert links from YouTube and Vimeo. Immerse readers via dynamic interactions.

Photo slideshows

Include up to 10 images in this interaction and keep your design uncluttered. Save space for the other elements.

Jeffrey Bradford

It's ridiculously easy to use and has a high WOW factor. My clients think this takes days to do and that I must be a graphic designer.

Jeffrey Bradford
Principal Lead Consultant

Upload media

With Flipsnack it’s easy to include your media when designing your flipbook. Simply upload pictures, audio files and use them to enhance your publications and the reader engagement. Enjoy high-quality resolutions for your images and don’t settle for anything less.

Edit images

Flipsnack’s complex Design Studio allows you to crop and resize images in our platform. Adjust their brightness, contrast and experiment with masks, shapes for more creative design ideas. Access the free stock photos available with this design tool.

Format pages

Smart guides and rulers ensure symmetry every time. Multiple select elements to lock them for design control or edit them as a group. Look at the design’s overview by checking the pages panel and easily find and rename elements through the layer panel.

Stay on-brand with every design

No compromises when it comes to creating on-brand flipbooks, regardless of their intended purpose. Simply upload your brand kit, with custom fonts, colors and logo and then access them straight from the Design Studio. Alternatively, you can use the existing fonts and styles for a great starting point.

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Brand kit elements presented in Flipsnack’s design

Share your designs with the world

For all your design work to pay off, share it with your audience with a click. Use one of the many sharing options available in our Design Studio, either public or private:

  • share your flipbook via (full-view) links
  • send your publications via email
  • embed it on your website
  • distribute on social media platforms
  • use QR codes for quick access
  • unlisted, to hide your designs from search engines
  • password-protect them from unwanted views

Sharing options available in Flipsnack’s Design Studio
Alisha VanTiem

Flipsnack allows us to share important information with employees in a sleek format, in the 'cloud,' versus bulky dated email attachments. It is especially nice to be able to update and refresh documents in real time for employees, which then reduces the risk of having outdated PDFs floating about.

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator

Take on more advanced interactions for your flipbooks

Translate data into attractive visuals

Embrace a different way of presenting company reports. Add line, pie or bar charts in your publications and instantly make them more engaging. Simply connect a Google Spreadsheet to your account and watch the reader engagement increase. Take advantage of tables, too, when displaying numbers and other specific data in a small space.

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Immerse viewers with virtual tours

When creating your real estate listing presentation in our drag-and-drop Design Studio, add virtual tours of the property you want to sell. It’s a great way to captivate your interested buyers and show them around the property in a more engaging way than static pictures. Include such a tour through an embed code or any other advanced interaction you like.

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Shape an interactive experience with maps

Every design is instantly more attractive with interactive maps. Easily include them in catalogs, to help readers find their way to your physical store. Or perhaps pair it with a virtual tour for listing properties. Either way, you can do so with a popup frame, which opens on top of your publication’s page.

Pop-up frame interaction used in Flipsnack’s flipbook

More than a PDF converter. Design complex publications

Start creating interactive double page layouts in no time

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