Easy online design tool for your publications

This online design and editing tool is the easiest way to create brochures and catalogs. It packs the most advanced features in a very simple drag and drop interface.

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How does it work?

  1. 1. Pick page size

  2. 2. Pick layout style (design 1 page or 2 page spreads at a time)

  3. 3. Drag and drop elements on the page

  4. 4. Add more pages

  5. 5. Export as PDF or publish online

Professional free templates for every occasion

Travel Photography Brochure Template & Design
College & University Brochure Template
Customizable Free Booklet Template
Customizable Tourism Brochure Template

Not sure where to start, or how to design a beautiful brochure? We’ve got so many templates that you can choose from! And they are all free! Make your brochures look professional by editing one of our templates.

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Powerful drag and drop design tool

Grids, smart guides and rulers

Smart guides and rulers will help you arrange and align page elements with maximum precision. We know how important precision is when it comes to design. So our design tool is equipped with all the tools you need to make a pixel perfect design, easily.

Multiple select, group and lock

Select and edit groups of elements together to save time. You can select multiple graphic design elements and edit them as a group. Furthermore, our advanced editing tool allows you to lock in place any desired elements, as soon as you’re certain about their position on the page.


Find and select the right element with ease, even in the most elaborate design. The layer panel helps you move layers up / down and also to hide, lock or rename layers in a very easy way.

Pages panel

The easiest way to add, delete, move and rearrange pages. The pages panel from the right hand side of the editor is very helpful when you want to make changes regarding page order. You can select multiple pages, rearrange pages very easily with drag and drop, but you can also add or delete pages from here.


Never worry about losing your work, because it’s automatically backed up in the cloud. We save your work every few seconds, so you don’t have to worry about losing your edits if you accidentally close the browser. Your draft will be waiting for you in “My flipbooks” when you come back.

Edit your pictures easily, with our design software

You can simply drag any photo or image from your computer into our editor. We will automatically upload it and save it for you in your image gallery.

Advanced image editor

Cropping and resizing images in Flipsnack

Crop and resize images

No need to crop or resize images with other tools and re-import them in Flipsnack, every time you need to make adjustments. You can do it all in the same place

Editing images in Flipsnack

Edit images

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, tint, sepia, vignette to give your photos a specific look. Go ahead and explore them!

Usage of image masks in Flipsnack

Image masks

We have a variety of shapes (including letters and numbers) which can be used as image masks. This helps you place an image into a certain shape, which fits your creative ideas.

Create stunning photo slideshows in seconds

Our powerful Design Studio allows you to create immersive experiences. Take your images to a whole new level by transforming them into interactive photo slideshows. Add them into your digital publications and see how your engagement increases.

Texts and fonts

Texts are a very important part of any brochure or catalog, so you have to get it right. This is why our text tool is loaded with options. There are many fonts to choose from, sizes and colors. If you don’t feel inspired, start from a typography layout and customize it to your liking. You can even import your own font!



Upload audio files as .mp3 in your PDF. This is perfect for audio interviews, children’s books and more.



Everyone likes videos, because they are so engaging! Make videos a part of your publication with Flipsnack, and you’ll see how effective they are!



Buy buttons are perfect for product catalogs. It’s a great way to connect your e-shop with your online publication.



You can add links on images, texts or over certain page areas in your catalogs. And it’s so easy!



Want to get to know who your readers are? Apply an email form in your PDF using our editor and start collecting email addresses!



The spotlight feature works wonders for many types of publications. You just click on an image, and a popup will open on a certain area within your online magazine or catalog.

Publish your design online or export for print

When you’re done creating, there’s only one thing left to do: save it on your computer as PDF, JPG or PNG or publish it online. But you don’t necessarily have to pick. You can do both!

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