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Create your own electronic menu & attract future customers

With Flipsnack you can create digital menus that can be easily shared online and embedded into websites. Create HTML5 electronic menus and season them with videos, links, and more. Get creative with your menu & use it to attract new customers.


How to make a menu using Flipsnack

Our online software can act both as a PDF to HTML5 flipbook converter as well as a powerful editor that allows you to create your digital menu from the ground up. Basically this is how you do it:

  1. Upload your PDF

    Upload your menu as PDF If you’ve already created it in Photoshop or InDesign

  2. Customize menu

    Improve the design of your menu by adding videos, links, buttons & more

  3. Publish your work

    Once satisfied with your menu, publish it so you can start sharing it online

  4. Share or embed it

    Use a direct link to share it or copy the embed code to add it to a web page

Use ready made templates to save time

You don’t have a PDF? No problem!

If you don’t have a menu designed already just start from one of our templates. Upload your brand logo and images to our cloud based gallery, make some final adjustments and presto!


Create a digital menu for marketing

Developing an online presence is vital even for businesses in the food industry: restaurants, cafés, fast food places and so on. But your digital presence isn’t complete without a digital menu that features all of the delicious dishes you serve. An electronic menu is an essential part of any online marketing strategy and can help you attract more customers by showing them online what they can expect in the locale.

Flipsnack is an easy to use digital publishing platform that allows you to create digital menus within minutes. You can use our menu builder to design your digital menu from scratch or you can simply upload and publish a previously designed menu in PDF form. Our menu design software can really boost the interactivity of your menus. We strongly recommend adding videos to show off your locale, how your food is made, skilfull plating and other information that will impress your future clients.

Great features to spice up your menus

Videos and interactivity

Add videos of your special dishes, cocktails, special beers and other goodies

Add your brand logo

Make readers aware of your brand by adding your logo to your digital menu

Page flipping animation

Your publications have a clean interface and a smooth, realistic page flip effect

Easy to use editor

We designed our editor to be as simple and streamlined as possible for easy creation

Responsive design

Your electronic menu will look amazing on any screen, device or web browser.

Easy sharing & print

With a few clicks you can share your menu online or send it to printing

Menu examples to inspire you

Here are a few examples of menus created with our online software. It’s easy to build great looking menus to show off your selection of dishes, coffees, cocktails, brews or any other goodies you have for sale. So here’s some inspiration:


Create amazing digital menus in minutes!

Show off your products and draw more customers to your establishment!