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Looking to share a PDF online? Regardless of its size, content or sharing intent, you can now effortlessly distribute it with your audience. From direct links to email or even embedding it on your website, here is where you can do it all. Get rid of bulky email attachments once and for all.

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How to share PDFs online

  1. 1. Create an account

    Sign in to Flipsnack or sign up using your Google or Facebook address.

  2. 2. Upload your PDF

    Bring your PDF to Flipsnack's dashboard or even bulk upload if you have multiple files you wish to convert.

  3. 3. Add your logo and publish it

    After the PDF upload is complete, customize its appearance. Add your brand logo to remain consistent in all of your shared documents, either for internal or external purposes.

  4. 4. Share PDF privately or publicly

    Distribute the PDF via link or only with specific people via email. Set a password for your document, for an ultimate layer of protection.

Instantly share your PDF via link

After you upload your PDF, it only takes one click to share it via link. This helps to easily send out large PDFs without resizing them to fit the email standard. Send the link to whoever you want, and they’ll be able to access it on any device.

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How to share PDF via link in Flipsnack

Choose other sharing options

Social media

Display any PDF as a flipbook when sharing it on social media. Simply copy and paste the link on your post and improve its visibility.

Website embed

Entice your viewers by embedding the converted PDF onto your website. They will spend more time flipping through your content, experiencing a new format.

QR code

Make your documents easily accessible through a QR code. Even add your logo to raise brand awareness with every published document.

Make your PDF interactive

Encourage readers to interact with your shared documents. It’s so easy to convert a PDF into a digital flipbook and make it engaging. Add links, image pop-ups or even a map of your office location on the back cover. Then, easily share it via full-view link to create an immersive experience for your readers.

Enjoy private and secure PDFs

It’s time to stop worrying about unwanted views for your classified PDFs. Flipsnack offers you private sharing options, like password-protect and unlisted, to stay in control of your sensitive information. Valuable data cannot be distributed through a vulnerable channel. Share a PDF file online safely, with your desired audience.

Password-protected PDF presented in Flipsnack

At Ditec we love Flipsnack! It´s just a great way to send our information and company updates to our clients.

Stefanie Moegle

See who interacts with your PDFs

From impressions to clicks and views, you can access it all through statistics. Once you share a PDF online, you’ll be able to check its performance. Track how many people read your PDF, what they clicked on, and the devices they used. Make targeted changes to reach the maximum potential.

Unlock statistics

Track individual PDF flipbook links

Go into more detail about how each person you send a document’s link to engages with it. With this data in hand, follow up accordingly. Regardless of your PDF’s intent, you can create personalized links for the same PDF that track:

  • Number of clicks on interactions
  • Views & impressions
  • What pages catch more attention
  • Who downloads your PDFs

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Visual representation of individual trackable links created with Flipsnack

Do more with your PDF

Make quick online updates

Quickly make any updates to your PDF, while the link remains the same. The people you’ve already sent the PDF link will be able to see the changes instantly after you save the new reading.

Brand your link

Mirror your business on every PDF link you share, either with employees or clients. With custom domain, you remove all Flipsnack branding from the link to add your own logo, favicon, before sharing the PDF online.

Enjoy mobile-friendly PDFs

Your PDFs can be easily displayed on any device, from a laptop to a mobile phone. Everything related to your document, from text sharpness to images’ quality will remain intact regardless of the device.

Effortlessly share large PDFs

Tired of large PDFs that you constantly have to shrink? Convert your PDF into a flipbook, so you can easily send its link to whomever you want. Leave this frustration behind and enjoy a secure way of distributing any type of PDF document.

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Share from specific PDF pages

PDF sharing has never been easier. Emphasize parts of a document with the option to start reading a PDF at a set page when the flipbook link is accessed. Simply copy the direct link and add “?p=” at the end of that URL, with your desired page number. Want to send the updated business proposal to your client? Select the updated page and save him time.

Share from specific PDF pages in Flipsnack

Want to get rid of bulky email attachments?

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