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Make your PDF interactive

A better reading experience for your PDF with interactive elements

Improve your PDFs by adding an extra layer of interactivity to them. With the help of our powerful editor you can create an interactive PDF by converting it into a page flipping publication and adding elements that viewers can engage with.


How to make a PDF interactive

  1. Upload your PDF

    Load your files into our interactive PDF maker and convert to digital form

  2. Add interactivity

    From our editor you can add elements that increase your PDFs interactivity

  3. Share publication

    Share on social media, attach to emails, embed in page or send direct link

Buttons and interactions

One of the best ways to add interactivity to your PDFs is by adding buttons. You can add various types of buttons, depending on the type of publication you’re working on. Try buttons for social media, shopping or internal navigation.

Rich media elements

Adding videos and audio to your PDF will take it to the next level. For instance, you can add videos about a travel destination, directly in the digital travel guide. You can also upload audio files for ambience or record to add necessary voice-overs.

Internal & external links

With internal links you can help your viewers better navigate your PDFs and you can quickly direct them to relevant pages. External links can be used for leading viewers to outside resources. You can add links to text, images or outlines inside the PDF.

Interactive forms

Lead forms are amazing as they can make your publications convert readers into customers that will eventually pay. You can add forms for ebook downloads, newsletter registrations, surveys, coupon requests and more.

Interactive PDF examples

Here are a few examples of interactive PDFs. These were all converted from normal PDF files and improved with a layer of interactive elements.


Embedded interactive PDF example

This is how a PDF turned digital and made interactive looks when embedded into a page. Adding interactive elements to your publications guarantees higher reader engagement and can even help you convert readers into buying customers.

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