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Flipsnack is an online flipbook animation software that can be used to create realistic page flip animations without any effort whatsoever. Turn your PDFs into digital flipping books or even build your own online animated flipbook from square one with the help of our easy-to-use Design Studio. 

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Convert static PDFs into interactive flipbooks instantly

Flipsnack is proud to be the fastest PDF flipbook converter tool on the market. Just taking a look at our competitor’s statistics, you can see how much faster our platform is than anyone else. But why stop at a single PDF? Upload multiple PDFs in bulk and create professional flipbooks in no time at all.

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Engage your readers with interactive flipbooks

Do you want a flipbook that’s interactive and fun? Make use of our user-friendly Design Studio and create a custom flippable brochure that best suits your needs. With Flipsnack it’s super easy to create an embeddable and shareable publication, with just a few clicks.

How to create a page flip animation book?

  1. 1. Upload your PDF or choose a template

    First step is to sign up to Flipsnack. Next, add your PDF or JPG files into our Upload PDF section. You can also create a page flipping publication from scratch or starting with a professional flipbook template.

  2. 2. Enhance your flippable book

    Transform your dull PDF into an eye-catching custom flipbook. Animate your flipbook by adding various interactions like videos, captions, links, and more. Our intuitive Design Studio allows you to design a flipbook in no time.

  3. 3. Publish your work

    Once you are happy with your final result, feel free to publish it online. You will have it in your account at any time, or you can download it as HTML5 for offline use. With Flipsnack you can publish your page flip publication in seconds.

  4. 4. Share your flipbook

    Share your flipbook publicly using the direct link. Enable full-screen view for an immersive experience. But there’s more, you can integrate your flipbook on your website, share it on social media, via email, or privately, only with specific people.

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Watch and learn how to make a flipbook online. Upload your PDF or get inspired by our complex template gallery. Take advantage of our interactive features and animate your publication with just a few clicks.

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Complex sharing options

There are various ways in which you can share your page flip animation book. Be it publicly, privately or unlisted, with Flipsnack you are able to select your audience anytime.

  • Embedded on your website
  • Share it on social media
  • Send it via email
  • Download your flipbook as PDF and print it
  • Share the full-view link
  • Download as animated HTML5

Track the performance of your flipbook with insightful statistics

Get informed about who viewed your flipbook and how popular it became. Flipsnack gives you insights about every impression, view, share, download and the average reading duration for each publication. For deeper understanding of your audience you can also connect your animated flipbooks with Google Analytics to easily integrate your catalog statistics within your Analytics dashboard.

An online digital flipbook app with tons of features

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Mobile friendly

Interactive flip books created with our software look great on all devices and browsers. The flipbook’s link is ideal for sharing on a mobile phone.

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Branding options

Brand your animated flipbook with the help of branded colors, custom logo, favicon and custom URL.

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Team collaboration

More productivity and less back and forth. With Flipsnack’s collaboration feature, your team can communicate on the same document in real time.

Online flipbooks to inspire your work

Here are just a few of the amazing flipbooks that were created by our very talented customers. Hopefully they will inspire you for when you start creating your page turning digital flipbook.

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Flipsnack gave me the professional look I desired and versatility to customise my flipbook keeping it true to my brand, which was very important. I believe that using Flipsnack has taken my business to the next level.

Nicole Anderson
Family Photographer - Saltwater Creek Photography

Flipbook templates

Searching for ways to captivate your readers? Use our online flipbook software to create a flipbook by starting from one of our premade templates. Choose one of the flipbooks we’ve prepared for you and customize it until it’s to your liking.

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Magazine templates

Do not settle when it comes to the design of your flippable magazine. Deliver a premium experience to your readers with the help of our complex selection of free online magazine templates.

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Catalog templates

You want your products to stand out from the competition? Use our flipbook animation maker and select a catalog template that best suits your needs. Impress your clients and get extra attention with Flipsnack!

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Guide templates

Did you know that you can make your guides way more interesting? With Flipsnack’s page flip animation effect, you can turn any travel guide, gift guide or even a brand guide that you want to share internally, into an interactive experience. Select a suitable guide template and make a long-lasting impression.

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Booklet templates

Are you struggling to design good-looking booklets for your events? Or for your business? Look no more! We offer you a plethora of professional booklet templates to start from. You’ll have a stunning page flipping publication in a few minutes. Whether you are using a booklet for travel, event or business, create a custom flipbook for any industry with Flipsnack.

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What is a digital flipbook?

A digital flipbook is an interactive HTML5 publication that recreates the page turning effect of a printed book that’s easy-to-read on any device. You can take it a step further by inserting interactive features such as videos, links, tags, buy buttons, and more. Flipsnack is a flipbook animation software that allows you to create interactive digital publications by converting a PDF or customizing professional templates.

Frequently asked questions

So, you’re wondering if you can make your PDF flip just like a regular book? With Flipsnack’s online Design Studio you can do just that and more! Start by uploading your PDF file into our Studio, play around with edits and Publish your finished material. Now your PDF files can have all the seeming of a real book.

The short answer is "Yes," you can definitely download your flipbooks. To do this, your first need to Publish your material. Then simply click on the Download button located on your desired flipbook's right and select your format.

To make a virtual flipbook you need to follow these steps:

   1. Create a PDF
   2. Add your PDF file into our Upload PDF section
   3. Open Flipsnack’s Design Studio and animate your flipbook with various interactions
   4. Publish your flipbook and share it through a direct Flipsnack link. Or, download your animated flipbook as HTML5

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

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