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How to create your business cards

  1. 1. Start by selecting your card dimensions. Depending on region, you have the standard 1003 x 649 pixels for Europe, and 1050 pixels x 600 pixels for US cards.

  2. 2. Personalize your cards. Your card is your canvas. Edit it fully to represent yourself exactly as you wish. Add your logo, pictures, play with fonts, make yourself memorable.

  3. 3. Download it as a print-ready PDF. What’s a wallet without the elegant touch of a unique business card?

Great design features to create custom business cards


Choose from one of our existing fonts, or upload your own. We want you to have full control.


In Flipsnack you can easily use your brand colors, which is great for brand consistency. Use them to create a visually unique business card.


Add your brand’s logo to increase awareness. Having your logo on your business card is an absolute must!

Download your business cards and print them

You saw that creating business cards online is easy. But online may be not enough. You also want them in a physical format. Ultimately, you want to download and print them on high quality paper.

Once you are done with the design, simply download your custom business cards as print-ready PDFs and print them today.

Before printing check that you added your company name, phone number, e-mail address, and other relevant information. Also make sure to use premium paper. You want your design to stand out when coming out from the printer.

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Frequently asked questions

A still effective marketing tool, business cards are used to quickly share your contact information with someone. A business card is not only more efficient than writing down your name and contact information for your potential clients, it’s also more professional. Summarizing, business cards are used for sharing your contact information swiftly and professionally.

Business cards are small, so you must be efficient with your available space. Here are the things you must definitely include in your business card:
   • Your name
   • Your job title
   • Company name (if employed)
   • Logo
   • Website
   • Contact information
Business cards are all about first impressions, so make sure you take design and aesthetics into consideration when creating your business cards.

Making your business cards stand out means following some basic rules. Although intuitive, they are oftentimes forgotten. The rules in question are:
   • Ensure that the overall design is well balanced
   • Establish a hierarchy between elements, with your name having the largest font
   • Stick only to your brand colors
   • Add texture to convey that high quality and professional feel
   • Always print your business cards on high quality paper

What else to try:

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