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Flipsnack is the perfect tool for your lead generation marketing strategy. Put your quality content in a marketing ebook PDF and effortlessly upload it for easy sharing. Make it interactive, add a customizable lead form, and collect leads. All within the same platform. Try Flipsnack for free.

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Learn how to create a marketing ebook in Flipsnack

Creating a marketing ebook has never been easier. Once you have your content ready, you can take your marketing ebook to the next level in Flipsnack by following these simple steps.

  1. Upload your PDF

    The first step is to import your PDF on our online ebook maker. It takes only a few seconds to get a professional and impressive marketing ebook.

  2. Make it interactive

    Add interactive elements such as links, captions, videos, tags, and more to create an engaging reading experience for your audience.

  3. Create gated content

    Take advantage of our lead form to gather various information from your users and turn them into prospects. Make the first pages available for free, then lock the rest behind the lead form.

  4. Share your marketing ebook

    Reaching your target audience has never been easier. From social media platforms to the email and website embed, sharing possibilities are endless with Flipsnack.

  5. Collect leads

    Use the lead form you’ve included in your marketing ebook to collect leads. Download the lead information as a CSV and then upload the list in your CRM.

Brand your marketing ebooks

Maintain brand consistency and protect your intellectual property by adding branding elements to your marketing ebooks. Upload your logo, colors, fonts, and typography in Flipsnack once and then apply them to all your future ebooks.

A branded marketing ebook

Improve your marketing strategy with eBooks

One of the most crucial aspects of your lead marketing strategy is creating and distributing relevant content to potential leads. Flipsnack comes in just handy, as it allows you to convert your PDF into an interactive eBook that you'll later use to generate leads.

Add a customizable lead form to it and collect any type of data you want: email address, names, company names, phone numbers, and so on. It's up to you to add the lead form wherever you want. Hook readers and collect leads through gated content.

Adding a customizable lead form in your ebook

Easily share your marketing ebook anywhere

Share it on social media

Share your marketing ebook with your social media audience straight from Flipsnack, with just a few clicks.

Send it by email

Once you’ve gathered information through the lead form, you can share your marketing ebook with your prospects by email.

Embed it

Make your marketing ebook directly part of your website. Easily embed it to make it more accessible for your readers.

Keep track of how well your ebooks perform

Interested in knowing how much time readers spend on your ebooks? Or which page obtained the most views? You can measure the success of your marketing ebook in Flipsnack. Gain access to all sorts of information such as impressions, views, downloads, shares, and more. And connect your account with Google Analytics for easy access to all the reports you may need.

Get started with a marketing ebook template

Choose a marketing ebook template from our wide selection if you lack the design skills to create a PDF ebook on your own. Simply select the template you like and edit it with your content.

More marketing ebook templates

Create your marketing bookshelf

If you release ebooks on a regular basis, why not use the bookshelf feature to collect them all in one place? Put them all on display on your website using this feature, for easy reading access.

Marketing ebooks bookshelf

Frequently asked questions

With Flipsnack, all you need to do is upload your PDF file. You can upload in bulk and merge the PDF files into a single publication, or even upload them separately for multiple ebooks. Once the upload is complete, you can turn your PDF into a flippable interactive ebook by adding different types of interactive elements.

Use our PDF ebook creator to generate more leads by including and customizing a lead form into your marketing ebook. Gather the information you need to turn your readers into potential customers in exchange for access to your comprehensive ebooks.

What else to try:

Now that you know how to create a marketing ebook in Flipsnack, take a look at the other features you can use in your publications.

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