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Flipsnack is a free ebook creator that will help you unleash your creativity and imagination. Becoming a best-selling author is easier than ever. Not only can you create your own ebook with our intuitive design editor, but you can also convert your PDF to ebook within minutes.

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How to make an eBook for free

Nowadays getting your ebook published doesn’t have to be a hassle. Flipsnack makes for the perfect partner when it comes to writing and publishing your own ebook. All you have to do is to follow the next steps:

  1. Upload PDF

    The first step is to import your PDF on our online ebook maker. It takes only a few seconds to get a professional and good-looking ebook.

  2. Enhance

    Give it an interactive layer by adding videos, music, photos or other animated elements. This is the magic of online ebooks.

  3. Distribution

    Reaching your target audience has never been easier. From social media platforms to the email and website embed, sharing possibilities are endless with Flipsnack.

  4. Sell

    Skip the struggle of hiring a publisher and advertise your masterpiece on your own. Don’t just wait for sales, make it happen with our online sell publications tool.

eBook cover creator

Give your ebook a professional cover that catches attention. First impressions matter, so create something remarkable by choosing from our library of creative ebook cover templates. They’re all fully editable and you don’t need any design skills.

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Learn how to use eBooks in marketing

Being a marketer is challenging nowadays if you want to reach your brand’s target audience. One of the most used content marketing strategies is creating and distributing ebooks. Marketers use ebooks to efficiently build a relevant email marketing list. This can be done easily with Flipsnack’s forms. The potential customers will have to insert their email address in return for reading your valuable work.

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Reasons to choose our eBook maker

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Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to open your ebook in browser, so you don’t need an e-reader device.

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Get your readers interested in your ebook by sharing a preview with them. You get to choose which pages to share.

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eBook publishing platform

Give readers access to your ebooks by publishing them directly on your Flipsnack profile. Free and easy!

Online eBooks to inspire you

Don’t waste too much time thinking of your next ebook, take some inspiration from other publishers’ work who use Flipsnack as the ultimate ebook creator.

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Sell eBooks online

Gone are the days when you had to hire a publisher to sell your ebook. Take advantage of Flipsnack’s online sell publications tool and do it by yourself. Getting paid for your hard work has never been easier.

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Frequently asked questions

Best practice for converting your PDF file into an eBook would be to first change your PDF format into an EPUB format. Content from EPUB files is reflowable, meaning it will adjust to any screen size or type, making it great for ebooks. It works for simple text-only and for JPEG or XHTML infused files.

Ebooks are not different from your classical format books. The word count will differ largely depending on genre. Novels usually go anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 thousand words, whereas short stories typically don’t pass the 8000-word benchmark. If you’re writing an ebook for marketing purposes, you should keep it between 2,000 and maybe 5,000 words.

Note: An average ebook page has around 250 and 300 words. So a 50,000 novel would roughly translate into a 166-page book.

The short answer is ‘No.’ Ebooks do not have traditional page numbers. Given that the content adjusts to the device you are using, it would be impossible to assign a page number that could apply to all different size formats.

What else to try:

Flipsnack is a really powerful tool that helps you create publications of all kinds. The following is a list of possible Flipsnack uses that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

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