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Modern-day teachers make learning more enjoyable and interactive with the help of etextbooks. Flipsnack is an intuitive and modern textbook creator that makes for a more dynamic educational process. Easy, fun, and efficient! Try for free.

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Incorporate technology into lessons

Embrace tech in all aspects of learning. Kids nowadays get easily distracted, so keep them engaged for longer by adding interactive features to traditional schoolbooks. After all, learning should be fun.


Tell a better story

With the help of digital textbooks, math or physics can be fun. Use storytelling to help kids in your classroom get a better view of the subject you are teaching. Tell better stories and explain difficult concepts easier than just reading a plain text. It will totally take your teaching methods to whole new levels.

Future is interactive

The modern classroom uses digital textbooks in order to enhance the process of learning. Bring classical textbooks to life by adding interactive features like explainer videos, additional links, audio and even GIFs. Create a more engaging school environment and offer a creative solution for making learning more accessible.


Etextbooks for your inspiration

Here are just a few of the digital textbooks uploaded by teachers on Flipsnack. Use them as inspiration for uploading your own materials online. It will make all the difference in your classroom.

Cut down textbook printing costs

With printed textbooks, publishing costs can get quite high. Not to mention the revision process. But with etextbooks, accessibility is no longer an issue. Having lower production and distribution costs, digital workbooks offer a viable solution for the modern-day educational system.

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

Incorporate technology into lessons