Create interactive digital newsletters

Reach your private or public audience with online newsletters that won’t be lost in email attachments. Upload your PDF to Flipsnack’s newsletter maker or customize a newsletter template. Include links and slideshows before sharing it publicly for external marketing or privately for internal use.

Create a digital newsletter

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Unique, interactive newsletter format with Flipsnack

Make the promotional newsletter part of your website to encourage readers to navigate more in your environment. Integrate it seamlessly with a customized background and make changes to it that will be automatically visible in the embed.

How to create a digital newsletter

  1. 1. Upload a PDF or pick a newsletter template

    Bring your PDF newsletter to Flipsnack and make it interactive and more engaging. Or pick a newsletter template and customize it to match your brand.

  2. 2. Upgrade your PDF or personalize a template

    Whichever you choose, the next steps are identical. Add videos, stickers, actionable buttons like social media, plus a lead form for your next event or feedback.

  3. 3. Share your digital newsletter

    Public or private, the choice is yours. Either share your digital publication via email, send the full-view link to specific people or to your readers list.

  4. 4. Track your digital newsletter’s performance

    After you send the newsletter via email or through website embed, analyze your readers’ interaction with your publication. Access views, clicks and devices used to open the digital newsletter.

Company Newsletter Templates

What better way to ensure your employees read the monthly newsletter than by making it interactive? Use our newsletter creator to add videos, go-to-page buttons, link free resources, slideshows and so much more. Browse through Flipsnack’s collection of company newsletter templates and use it as your internal communication solution.

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Promotional Newsletter Templates

Encourage potential customers to shop online with promotional newsletter templates. Pick one and personalize it with your products or services, add product tags, the best photos and descriptions. Make sure your seasonal discounts don’t go unnoticed. Give our newsletter creator a try to attract more customers.

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Real Estate Newsletter Templates

There is an insane amount of potential for your real estate newsletters, if created in Flipsnack’s online newsletter maker. From interactive elements like virtual tours, videos, slideshows to lead forms, the process of designing a real estate newsletter template is intuitive and fun. Check out the existing templates and speak directly to your audience.

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Medical and Healthcare Templates

Your medical staff needs appreciation and you can show it through a personalized internal newsletter, created with their interests in mind. Choose any editable medical newsletter template and add external links and interactive slideshows. Give your healthcare employees a voice by collecting feedback through forms.

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School Newsletter Templates

From preschool newsletter templates to interactive university newsletters, you find them all in one place: the Design Studio. They are ready to be used specifically for any type of educational institution, while ensuring clearer communication with your teachers, students or parents. Try this free digital newsletter creator today!

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Church Newsletter Templates

Your community could greatly benefit from an interactive church newsletter template, packed with insights, videos of future events and more. Simply choose the one you like, from our collection, and make a digital church newsletter example. Include a “register now” button for conferences and other events, to make the whole process easier for those who want to attend. Create it today with the help of our newsletter maker!

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Flipsnack has helped us to create an internal flipbook and share it with the whole company, no matter where the employees were located.

Michelle McCourt
Public Relations Manager

Your logo, custom link, and visual identity all in one place

Reduce the design process of creating your digital newsletter to a few clicks. Upload your brand assets to Design Studio and collaborate on designs using your logo, custom colors, and fonts before saving the newsletter design as a template. Use that layout every month and send it to your audience with a custom link for ultimate branding consistency.

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Branding options presented in Flipsnack’s platform

Get your digital newsletter in front of the right audience

You have uploaded your PDF newsletter to Flipsnack, added interactions and now you want to share it with your audience. Regardless if it’s an employee newsletter or a promotional newsletter, the newsletter distribution is fully customizable for your needs.


Offer easy access to your external newsletters

Send a responsive direct link

With our newsletter creator, you can send the newsletter’s link on any platform you use. A great perk of transforming your PDFs into digital newsletters is they’re responsive on any device: laptop, tablet, or phone. Or reach your audience on social media.

Embed on your website

Make the promotional newsletter part of your website to encourage readers to navigate more in your environment. Integrate it seamlessly with a customized background and make changes to it that will be automatically visible in the embed.

Flipsnack is easy to use, fast to upload and great for customizing booklets and newsletters. We love having the ease of being able to distribute a clean and technologically advanced product to our constituents.

Jennifer Bullock
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Handpick your target audience

Publish unlisted

Publish your digital newsletter as unlisted to stay off the search engines’ radar. Send the link to your target audience and never worry about external access to your private company documents.

Send branded emails

Send your employee newsletter via email. Upload your contact list and brand your emails to maintain consistency. For extra security, add a password to your newsletter.

Share privately, on your terms

Flipsnack empowers you to add readers to your workspace and share your newsletters only with them. This is a private and secure option that offers individual statistics about how your readers interact with your newsletter. Alternatively, have total control over your audience by sharing confidential newsletters through your SSO system.

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Track the readers’ behavior

Don’t lose track of your distributed newsletters. Readers statistics give you access to individual actions from the readers in your workspace. Analyze how each employee or customer has interacted with the newsletter. See insights such as:

  • views, impressions, page stats
  • what elements your readers clicked on
  • the average time spent reading your newsletter
  • devices used for opening your flipbook
For more in-depth tracking, connect your Google Analytics with your digital newsletter.

Get inspired by these PDF newsletter examples

Flip through four different examples of newsletters published with our software. You can design your newsletter by importing the PDF to Flipsnack or customizing our newsletter templates. Bring your digital newsletter to a new level and keep the brand communication always relevant to your audience.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some easy steps that help you make a newsletter online for free:
   • Select a newsletter template that best suits your business.
   • Make it yours by using our complex Design Studio.
   • Use interactivity to boost engagement: add videos, lead forms and go-to-page buttons.
   • Share your newsletter online directly from Flipsnack or print it!

Here are 10 fun ideas you can include in your internal newsletter and/or promotional newsletters sent to your customers and partners:
   • Blog posts
   • Event invitations
   • New products announcements
   • A poll or survey
   • Customers stories
   • Reviews
   • Job postings
   • Holidays newsletter
   • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
   • Favorite photos from your readers

Here is a how to create a Newsletter design in 7 steps:
   • Launch Flipsnack- it's free.
   • Choose the format you desire.
   • Select a newsletter template suitable for your business.
   • Drag and drop it in our Design Studio.
   • Give your newsletter personality.
   • Select an unique typography.
   • Incorporate graphics and add your own photos.

An internal newsletter is a document that is sent within your company. This could be monthly, weekly or whenever there’s a need to share company information. It is a way to share updates regarding events, workshops, magazine articles within your industry and so on. Plus, it represents an opportunity to build excitement about the company.

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

Design digital newsletters that encourage audience interaction