What’s wrong with my views number?

Jani / News and updates / December 19th, 2014


Some of you are wondering about the views and impressions and why the number has changed all of a sudden.

After we released the new advanced stats, we continued to display the old views numbers on your profile and on the browse page (for about a month). That means that on our website we had 2 different types of views:

Views – actual views, counted each time a user interacted with your publication. These were displayed in the Stats section.

Old views – counted each time there was an action in your widget, like a click for example. These were displayed on the Profile page and on the Browse page.

All published flipbooks might get a lower number of “impressions” because from now on we will count an impression each time the widget gets loaded. We will count all the other actions that used to be counted as old views separately and they will be displayed in the Stats area.

We regret the inconvenience we may have caused you today by removing the old views and we offer our apologies.


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