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Reach your readers across all online platforms, engage customers with rich media publications and sell directly from the pages of your flipbook.
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How to make the best flipbooks

FlipSnack is everything you need to easily publish captivating online magazines, transforming your pdfs into online flipbooks. It works and looks great across all digital platforms, engaging your customers with interactive experiences and making it easy to sell directly from the pages of your digital publication.
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Your elegant publications will be easily accessed from any device or operating system, giving you the advantage of tapping into greater market potential.

Drive engagement

Optimize your CTR by giving readers a publication they can engage with! The addition of video, sound and other rich media will make the difference.

SEO friendly

Increase the popularity of your website with backlinks, and make it easy for people to find you on the web, since search engines index your publication.

Instant online sales

Help your customers breeze through checkout by letting them shop directly from the virtual pages of a flipbook, without ever leaving the catalog.
Elegant magazines, newsletters, presentations and catalogs

Elegant magazines, newsletters, presentations and catalogs

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FlipSnack API release

FlipSnack API can make your website the home of flipbook making, but you will need to collaborate with a developer to be able to make that happen. Find out more!

Clipping masks and custom layouts

Today we’re announcing the release of two features that have been requested by you, for quite some time. Clipping masks – This new feature will allow you to display your photos and images in different shapes.

Tips for exporting from InDesign to web PDF

If you’re using InDesign to create your Flipsnack PDF, there are a few things you should know about optimizing your PDF, to avoid any conversion errors and have the best image quality, while keeping the file size in check.
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Left quote @FlipSnack is sooooo awesome. You can easily use it for a variety of audiences and purposes!!! Creative! Right quote
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Left  quote Using @FlipSnack to create some neat eBooks. Right quote
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Left  quote I'm in love with @FlipSnack for making it easy to create a cool flipbook! Right quote
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Left  quote Look at our new sample #360feedback report. We used @FlipSnack to made the whole experience far more informative. Right quote
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Left  quote just moved all of our publications from @issuu to @FlipSnack. Great for #UCDA solutions. Right quote
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Left  quote Finished exploring @FlipSnack Easy to see why it appears on the AASL list of best websites 2013. Right quote