Create an ebook for your Weebly website

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Hey there! Do you have a Weebly website?

Choose to be creative today, and post an interactive online booklet or brochure on your website. Use FlipSnack to make really stylish and beautiful mini ebooks for free (with limitations). You can make personal or professional portfolios, catalogs, brochures, pricing lists or presentations about anything you like.

All you need is a PDF, JPEGs or JPGs. Upload them and the FlipSnack software will convert them to flipbooks. (You can choose to merge them or keep them separately.) When you’re done and you’ve published, click “embed” and you’ll be provided with an embed code. Copy it.

Weebly is a very easy to use website builder and you can add many types of content to your website. Go to your Weebly website and drag and drop “Embed code” there. Next, paste the code in the area where you’ve dropped the custom HTML area.

Embed in Weebly

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