How to add social media buttons in online magazines

Jani / Tips and tutorials / June 12th, 2014


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+ should be dear to anybody who has an online business. They can make your content go viral, reach new potential customers and help you sell more, and they don’t cost you anything, other than time. They are powerful marketing tools that shouldn’t be ignored.

Magazines and social media

Now imagine combining that with the attractiveness of online magazines – what a hit! Magazines and catalogs are perfect for presenting your products and for online advertising. If you are using the right platform (like FlipSnack) you’ll be able to insert your social media profiles in your publication. This will help you widen your audience – get new likes and followers.

How FlipSnack works

You upload your files as PDF or JPG and then go to the links and buttons editor. Insert the desired social media buttons with drag and drop. The edit option will show on button rollover, and you should click it. Insert your Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest link.
Hit Publish.
Share your online magazine on social media. We can’t wait to see it!


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