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Magazine table of contents

Offer to your avid readers a sneak peek into your new magazine issue by using these magazine table of contents templates from Flipsnack. You do not need any designer skills. Just open our contents page maker and select a suitable template.

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Thesis table of contents

Setting up the table of contents for your thesis can be a daunting task. Ease up the process, with the help of our contents page maker. Our gallery is packed with professionally designed thesis table of contents templates. Pick your favorite one!

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Book table of contents

Provide an outline of your publication with the help of our book table of contents templates. Tell them what to expect through a customizable design from our table of contents maker. Select it now!

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How do I make a table of contents?

  1. 1. Create a Flipsnack account

    Sign up to Flipsnack with your existing Google or Facebook account and start using our online table of contents maker for free.

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    Searching for a unique table of contents design? Look no further. Our contents page maker has a template for any need. Just open our gallery and select your favorite one or create it from scratch.

  3. 3. Customize your table of contents design

    Showcase your table of contents page in an unique manner with Flipsnack. Open our user- friendly Design Studio and discover our advanced editing features. Shapes, icons, fonts, photos, add or erase them to make a creative table of contents design.

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    Happy with your final contents page design? Click on the download button and make your table of contents printable or incorporate it into your online publication.

Personalize your contents page design

Customize your contents page design as you wish by taking advantage of our intuitive Design Studio. Our drag-and-drop interface helps you easily integrate, add and replace fonts, icons or photos. But wait, there is more! With Flipsnack you can also create a publication of multiple pages by customizing a suitable flip book template. From magazines, catalogs, newspapers, Flipsnack is here to help you create your ideal publication.

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Advanced editing features available in Flipsnack

Fonts, colors, images and shapes

Give a more personal touch to your contents page design. From fonts, colors, shapes, images; we have plenty of design features, ready to be used.


Enhance your contents page design with interactive features. Add Go to page, Next Page or Previous Page buttons and keep your readers engaged.

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Decide with whom you want to share your final table of contents design. Publish it as unlisted, password protected or share it with specific people via email.

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Satisfied with the final result? Once you complete your table of contents design, it’s time to take it to the printer. To do so, make sure you download your design as a print-ready PDF so you can achieve a high quality format, ideal on any premium paper. Obtain a professional looking table of contents with Flipsnack!

Create a digital contents page with Flipsnack

Since digital reading is far more interactive than voluminous stacks of paper, start enhancing your table of contents design and keep your audience engaged by adding interactive features such as Go to page buttons. Also, Flipsnack allows you to incorporate your digital table of contents in any online publication. Once you reach a final result, publish it online and share the view link with whomever you want.

Frequently asked questions

The main purpose of a table of contents is to serve as a roadmap of your publication. It gives the readers an organized listing of the chapters and major sections of your document. Also, it allows readers to go directly to a specific section of a digital document.

A table of contents is defined as an organized list containing the parts of a book or a document that are arranged in the order of their appearance. On the other hand, an index lists out the different topics and keywords in the book alphabetically. Also, a table of contents usually appears at the beginning of a book or paper, while the index appears at the end. A table of contents is a general outline of the document, whereas an index is a more detailed inventory of its contents.

The main advantages of having a table of contents are:
   • Fast and efficient readability
   • Manages reader expectations
   • Provides an outline
   • It can hook the reader

A table of contents usually includes:
   •titles or descriptions of first-level headings (chapters)
   •second-level headings (sections or A-heads)
   •occasionally third-level headings (subsections or B-heads)

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