How to embed a flipbook into your IMCreator website

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IM CreatorHello!
Online flipbooks are great. You can flip through the pages and feel like you’re holding and reading an actual book.
If you want to make an attractive presentation and post it on your IMCreator, but don’t know how, follow these steps:

Make a flip book
1. Login in to FlipSnack
2. Upload your files as PDF
3. Customize
4. Publish your flip book and copy the embed code

Publish your flipbook
1. Log in to IMCreator and go to your website.
2. Go to the page where you want your flipbook.
3. Click Add an element, then choose HTML
4. Click edit HTML, paste the embed code and click ok. You can move the flip book anywhere on the page.
5. Publish

How does it look? Share the link!

2 Responses to “How to embed a flipbook into your IMCreator website”

  1. ElektroCZ says:

    how can i download flip book or pdf file on this web

  2. Jani says:

    If you made a flip book, you can download it by buying points or a premium subscription.
    If someone else made the flip book, you can’t download it. You have to contact and ask the author to send / share it.

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