How to embed a flip book into Blogger

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Hello there!
Today I’ll teach you how you can embed a flip book in your Blogger website. Your visitors will be able to turn he pages and read your flipbook directly from your blog. It will look just like the flipbook widget you see at the end of this post. Embedding is the easiest thing ever, with FlipSnack and Blogger!

First, you need to go to FlipSnack and make your flip book.
1. Log in to FlipSnack. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or your email. You can set up an account in under 2 minutes (if you haven’t got one already). And it’s free!

2. Click “Create new” in menu or  “Upload your PDF files” button.


3. Upload the PDF files you want in your flipbook

4. Add some links and buttons in your flipbook. You can also customize your flipbook’s size,  background color, make the PDF downloadable and so on. There are lots of cool settings.
5. Click Publish. Copy the embed code.


Next, go to Blogger.
1. Log in and click “New post”.

2. Write your text (skip this if you want the flip book alone on your post).
3. Click “HTML” and paste the embed code provided by FlipSnack.

4. Check the “Preview” to make sure everything looks just the way you want, and then “Publish“.

Tip: All the changes you’ll make later to your flipbook will automatically show on Blogger. You won’t need to copy the code again.

Go to and start a flipbook yourself!

4 Responses to “How to embed a flip book into Blogger”

  1. GringoWoodworker says:

    I had to select https under embedded to get my flipbook to show up in blogger.

  2. Rana Faizan says:

    This Post is very helpful for me and all peoples 🙂 I Really thankful to you
    and i also applied this way on my blog 🙂
    please visit

  3. Anh Rosso says:

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  4. tony baum says:

    @Anh Rosso Hi Anh, my work colleague saw a sample IRS 4797 version with this link

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