Track your PDF documents with flipbooks

Wasted resources on PDFs that few read? No means of knowing what happens to a PDF after you share it? Implement a secure PDF tracking method by transforming your documents into flipbooks:

  • track how many people read, click elements from your PDF
  • limit access to your documents with password-protected links
  • track personalized flipbook links
  • control PDF download for readers

Upload & track PDF

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Access statistics for public and private documents

Public sharing

For public documents such as a product catalog embedded on your website, or a promotional brochure sent to your audience via email, easily track document statistics. See insights such as views, average time spent reading your PDF flipbook, or what elements the readers click on.

Private sharing

Can you see who has opened a PDF? Certainly, an insight especially valuable for private documents. You can track your annual report, employee benefits guide, or a training manual: check if employees read until the end of the document, from what locations they access, and if they download the PDF flipbook.

See how PDF flipbooks can be secured & tracked

How to track documents online

Document tracking is an action that enables you to see who accesses, downloads, and interacts with your PDFs after you share them online.

  1. 1. Upload PDF

    Sign up to Flipsnack to upload your PDF document. Watch it transform into a flippable publication, which can be tracked easily.

  2. 2. Publish publicly or privately

    Publish your PDF flipbook publicly or privately, depending on the type of document you want to share.

  3. 3. Copy generated link & share

    Copy and paste the generated full-view link on whatever platform your audience uses the most: email, social media, or password-protect the link for private sharing.

  4. 4. Access statistics

    Once shared, you can start PDF tracking with statistics such as: views, impressions, average time spent reading a document, downloads (if you allow it), and devices plus location from where a reader opens your document. For more information, create personalized trackable links for each reader.

See your trackable PDF flipbook in action

Here is how your PDF will look when converted into a flipbook format. When your audience opens this PDF flipbook you share, it will start to accumulate insights. Track every click on interactive elements, see who has opened your PDF, the average time spent reading it, and if they placed an order. If you enable document download, check how many people downloaded the PDF.

PDF tracking with Flipsnack statistics

Impressions & Views

Check how many times people have opened or interacted with your PDF flipbooks.

Average time spent

Analyze the average reading time of your entire PDF to see if it’s engaging enough.


Have an overview of how many people download your PDF, if this option is enabled.


Number of total orders generated from your PDF flipbook via the shopping list.

Devices & locations

Optimize content based on your readers’ preferred device, and check their location.

Lead forms

If included, your lead form statistics show all the data your readers filled out.


Dive deeper into specific document tracking data

Page level statistics

General flipbook statistics may not offer enough information to apply targeted changes to your documents. Instead, look at page level statistics for the time spent, and number of clicks on every page to learn what is most engaging for your audience.

Engagement statistics

Add interactive elements to PDF documents, and check the type of interactions that are clicked on the most: slideshows, videos, or external links. Create more content that is relevant to your readers and draws the most engagement.

Track individual flipbook links

Create custom links for the same flipbook that show how a prospect interacts with your documents. Follow up at the right time, once you see the number of clicks, average time spent, and the information filled out through a form.

Benefits of document tracking

Private document shared via password protected with Flipsnack stats


For security reasons, PDF tracking is essential to protect against any data breaches, and to ensure that confidential information remains within company limits.


With the right PDF tracking service in place, your documents can be password protected, or published as unlisted to never appear on the web.

Better engagement

Through access to real data, you can improve readers’ engagement by adding more content, elements of what they already like.

Audience insights

Getting real feedback from your audience is essential for any documents’ purpose. Add a form at the end of a newsletter for direct responses.

Connect Google Analytics with Flipsnack

For very detailed reports and other in-depth insights into your flipbooks, connect your Google Analytics to the Flipsnack account. Unlock and observe additional data such as bounce rates, demographics, engagement, UTM tracking, and more.

PDF flipbook tracked with Google Analytics

Start analyzing your documents with Flipsnack’s tracking software