plane crash

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Aaron Saunders (6A) Mrs. Forero 10/28/14 TBA - Plane Story Part I Sometime in late August... “Bring, Bring", sang my mom’s cell phone. “Aaron, can you please tell me who is calling.” “Aunt Monique.” Mom came speeding into the kitchen; she had on a Blue top with jeans. I could tell she was in the middle of blow drying her hair because it was half messy, half strait. She barely caught her breath before answering the phone. “Hello.” “Hello how are you", was the last I could hear before my mom turned down the volume as she eyed me listening to their conversation. Bored, I went to see where dad was. He had just gotten his haircut. It was neatly pulled back and stuck to his head like spandex; at the top of his head was his bald spot. He was wearing a purple and gold shirt, which resembled his fraternity colors. He was bringing down unfamiliar suitcases. “Why are you bringing down those suitcases", I curiously asked? “Just cleaning up the attic.” “But I thought attics were supposed to be messy instead of your house”. “Aaron” he said, “with all due respect, go read a book.” Two days later… “Hey Aaron, what would you do if I told you we were going on a trip?”

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