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Next morning, we started our long journey to Kakadu National Park. “Koala Time!” said Evo our tour guide, a slang that the Aussies used for naptime. It was the peak of the Afternoon when I arrived at Kakadu and the moment the engines turned off I could already feel the heat filling the bus up, it gotworst when we actually walked off the bus, sweat dripped down my face and flies swarmed my body. Whilst walking through the park I realized a red line that were painted around some trees and a wooden shack, Evo said it was a symbol of death. The paintings were very interesting; they looked so perfectly and carefully drawn, but they weren’t just ordinary paintings. Every painting meant something and every painting told a story, whether it was a sacred place, A cold early morning start at Katherine gorge was just what we needed! As we kayaked through the Katherine River trying to catch up with each other, rocks and boundaries were towering over us. I docked my kayak and started my small hike to the swimming safe zone. I was very amazed when I arrived at Katherine; the gorge echoed when we shouted the water was chilly with submerging rocks everywhere. Once I got to the main campsite where we’d be staying for two nights I knew it was going to the favorite. On the way to the camp, I realized the gradual scenery got less green but white. It looked like it was fall or even a winter as all the leaves had fallen to the floor. The tents also had fans and a proper clean bed with a comfy blanket something that we haven’t had since we arrived. Kakadu National Park Sign Katherine Gorge River Katherine Gorge

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