Wei Long Wan's Project Week Article

November 25, 2014  |  By  | 

Upon reaching Gili Air it wasn’t like the distinguished characteristics of an island. It was surprisingly full of electronics and adult-party ‘goods’. Gili Air is one of the three Gili islands located in Lombok. By an interview from the island’s head manager representatives, they said it was known as Gili Sassi and is recognized for its half urban half rural atmosphere. As I stepped onto the light beige colored sand, I could feel the warm love, the soft sand gently touched my feet as I trotted through the untainted colors that made the sand look healthy. Under these circumstances I overheard the provocative music played in what seems to be an open bar. Escorted to my room, I rejoiced how the facilities included are; a usable TV, brightly lit lights, an air conditioner and a cold fridge. Even the beds were uffy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The second day of the trip was my rst day of diving. On boat the overactive sun yet greeted me, but even so by the translucent blue sea who is now warming up to me. I stared into the sea again only to make out a façade. No islands were visible while travelling, providing an illusionary impression that one is visiting a new area no one has been to yet, additionally the calm waves swayed the boat side to side, nursing me in this imitation of a cradle. With this is mind, I went diving into the waters, but what waited for me was a new boundary, a new turquoise world completely different from the surface. It would be like those extraterrestrial movies where one would visit another planet only to see how different it is from Earth. Light shone underwater, granting clear visibility to see the wide variety of organisms residing in the sea. Every sea creature was unique, there were shes of every color excluding black, and some had oddly shaped bodies or pincer styled ns. Specic shes mentioned by my dive instructor Franck Chevrolat are; Box shes, sweet lips, and trevallies. Among the shes, the most extraordinary species was the turtle, supposing classied as endangered the turtles are commonly found in a dive site called ‘Turtle Heaven’ alive and healthy. Although sound travels faster underwater making it distorted, I could hear moans from somewhere around me every time I make a mistake. Wait…I’m in a island? I’m pretty sure this is a hotel The never endin blue ecos stem is mixed with the vast colors of sea life. Censored The swa rocked me side to side, ust like a cradle

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