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November 20, 2014  Riding a tuk-tuk , after impressively hard work, building a house, a library and teaching children, the very perfect place to release our tiredness. Cheap, tuk-tuk represents the most popular local taxi in Cambodia. If you’ve seen the scene of never- ending pasture spotted with bu  alo and surrounded by tuk-tuks , you’ll never forget. Where more than 2 million Khmer cries for their guiltless blood. One of the most unforgivable places in the world, called Killing Fields, couldn’t even match to the peace here.  ! The uncontrollable greed and cruelty destroyed the people, economy, and culture.  ! Angkor Wat, a temple at Angkor complex, had been built in early 12 century by King Suryavarman II for the Khmer Empire’s Castle. Angkor Wat used to be a Hindu temple but the sudden change of the religion in Cambodia altered it into Buddhist temple. After Angkor Wat had been constructed, it became the center of all the actives of religion. The great technology and beautiful aesthetic design of Khmer Empire used to build the temple, the biggest and greatest temple of the world. However, the historical pain and human wickedness melted on the holes of Angkor Wat temple. Lots of galleries drawn on Angkor Wat about the Empire of Cambodia had stolen b the thieves. Even then, Angkor Wat had the di  cult time, it never fell down from Khmer and it lived with them in pain or happiness.   !  2 THE RIDING TUK TUK TO THE HOUSE FOR THE FAMILY INDIGO IS SUPPORTING ADRESS: KOMPHEM VILLAGE, KEAR POAR COMMUNE, PUOK DISTRICT SIEM REAP ONE OF THE INDAGO STAFF NAMED JULIE, SHE IS BRITISH. HOWEVER, SHE LIVED IN LOMBOK AND VIETNAM FOR SEVERAL YEARS FOR TUOUR GUIDE.

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