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Tasked Based Project: Un viaje por Centroamerica


Published on December 3, 2014

students will be working on planning a trip to one of those destinations, this will help the students to develop the security needed to interact in a Spanish speaking country and depending on the nature of the individual, other disciplines could also emerge. Final Student Performance: The culminating activity in this scenario is the presentation and written texts of students’ original travel plans. Content, knowledge, language skills: The various learning activities seek to develop student’s understanding of Spanish and the culture and arts. The language skills that are targeted fall principally under the guide of communicating to Spanish speakers in a travelling environment. Learning activities: This task-based activity is divided in the following sub-tasks: a. Learning about different countries through authentic texts: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador. b. Writing travel plans to these countries, using vocabulary and grammar studied during the semester. c. Writing a travel diary and advises about a trip, using the subjunctive. d. Writing a complete text about a trip. e. Giving a small public talk about a trip. f. Expressing views about experiences during a trip. g. Replying and developing conversations about a trip. Extension Activities: Some other activities that could help to develop the learners ability to communicate on his/her experience during trips would be: