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article by: Hayden.MorrisNovember 20, 2014 were ready with our jackets, gloves and hats, so our hike to the Great Wall started.  About fteen minutes into walking up the stairs I began to sweat from all.the hard work while others still felt cold. I decided to take o  my jacket and sweater as I continued to hike. The cold wind felt nice and made me feel at home. I had twice the energy.  At last we spotted the Great Wall. We walked faster and faster as curiosity grasped our minds. Taking the rst steps up the Great Wall gave us the feeling of accomplishment.  After a gathering and group pictures, the teachers said we were free to explore for an hour and a half. My friends and I chose the farthest point we could see, and set out on our journey to it.With the strong winds and crooked stairs, walking was di  cult, The stairs are steeper than a forty ve degree angle, As a result of walking the students are getting tired and their legs are running out of energy but it is all worth it to see the amazing Great Wall of China.  I also enjoyed other things in China. One of them is the many of the buildings in China are old and have been there for many years. They are large skyscrapers so people have more room because the population is very large. Many of the buildings look very traditional and old as others are very modern and new.  In Xian we were able to bike on the wall that separates the new city from the old city.  ! !  2 wall of xein that separates modern and old time buildings. hoto b : aime

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