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Published on December 3, 2014

Unknown Holy Land Author: Jane Zhan Theme: 1. Defeat yourself is the only way to growing up 2. The affection between father and daughter Characters: Linda, Fairy, Father Setting: An magic land (Holy Land) & Linda’s Home 2 “ D ad, I love you, don’t leave me alone !” Linda cried. When the sorrowful six-year-old girl saw her father is lying on the bed- room oor and breathing faint, she screamed and shook daddy’s body. But nobody replied, only silence answered. “Linda, I can help you to save your father, follow me please.” a tiny fairy appeared from father’s body.   “ What’s happened? Who are you? ”tears was wiped but her shirt still became wet and inevitable got a nasty trace on the delicate chin. She raised her head and looked through the tier of tear, misty saw a blinking fairy with two pairs of wings on its back. “Your father was connected with Holy land. He fell down the ladder just now. The only way to save him is helping Holy land to beat the darkness. “ Okey, how can I get there? “ “ Don’t be worried, look.” Unknown Holy Land