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Published on December 3, 2014

WHO’S WORTH IT By : Kunqi Chen Who’s Worth It Silence. From the door through the hall, to the crowd.         But not a single sound.         Not a single sound, at all.         Two men stood against each other. The smell of competi- tion floated in the air. Even though it occurs to be silent, the sparks and the screams of their minds arose so depressed. The audiences stood like statues, cannot move a muscle their eyes opened widely. A long time has passed by. Star used to own the title of “Master Chef” of City H probably five years ago, he worth it. He attended to every business party. Everyone admired Star so much, every first page of newspaper had re- corded Star’s prides. The evil fame likes a deep valley that drags you down. Life was al- ways dramatic and cruel. It would never show mercy to you anytime. 2