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CHAPTER 1 “Tee Hee” by Riwa Tamai  I am girl, who is liked by every single person in my class. A dark brown braided hair hangs on my shoul- der. Two watery shiny dark eyes, looks like al- ways full of confidence and hope. A single smile can shoot into every boy’s heart. Long skinny white legs, grow- ing down from the pants. There are always a lot of people around me during break time, there are always laughter spilling out from that circle. Of course, there are some people do not like us. It had been very cold these days. The white air came out from my mouth, I arrived to school. I put down the heavy coat and sat down on my chair. Opening my science text- book, two girls walked toward to the table next to me. “Hey, you wanna know something cool about this school?” two girls start to talk furtively next to me, seems like they belongs to the group that always stay in library and read- ing book during recess time. In the beginning I was not 2

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