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DOOR Even if you cannot feel her love for you, she will always love you  By Ziyuan It is always bustling with noise on the street at night. If you walk on the street and pay some money, you may enjoy an opera or a movie. Maybe you want eat a meal or have a cup of coffee. And all of these are related to “Doors”. Big doors, small doors, some gorgeous doors, or some simple doors. If you don’t turn in, you won’t know what behind the doors. But only a few people will open the door that they don’t know what it is for and what is inside. The lively street and doors, brings fun and happy to this city. Somehow, it takes some touched from people. Rudolf is one of the successful entrepreneurs in this city. He is not old but has his own career. Rudolf was in single- parent families. His mom brings him up but he almost forget his mom and the small town which he growth up. This was the best life he think about, even he forgot his mother. His mom stays at a small town, which needs almost 2 hours for car. So he ned any reasons when his mother calls him to come to see her—for almost a year. He probably loves his mom, but the hate the small town, though it is the place where he grows up. He enjoys the life in the big city. He has his career, his own family, his house and his friends. Who want to come to the small town? Rudolf walks on the street and prepares to go to see an opera. The street is full of people. He notices a new door next to the DOOR 2 By ZIyuan

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