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1- 1st meeting in Poland

Dorota Hoffmann

Published on September 28, 2014

2 The aim of our work is to make tradi- tional games closer to children. These are games which are forgotten by young genera- tion but our foreign friends’ parents and grand- parents were playing. We want to make chil- dren realize that they can be great alternative to computer games, which absorb many younger and younger people nowadays. The fact that children can spend their free time with their parents, what is rarity now, is priceless in our opinion. Important thing in our cooperation is to broad and Exchange knowledge about cho- sen regions of our friendly countries, Get to know similarities and differences in culture, traditions, religion, teaching how to be tolerant of it. During realization of our project students will have a great opportunity to improve their English and also skills in using communica- tion and information technology. We want to involve as many students as possible in the project. They will have to write mails, letters and prepare materials. Each school will create their own monthly pamphlet, which will contain the most import ant cultural events. all the work will be prepared in mother tongue and in English. Students and teachers from all countries will create website or blog where they’ll be putting information, tasks, photos and short videos. Each school will create ‘Comenius Nook’, where all materials about friendly countries will be run. In each school the stu- dents will make a list of popular games, de- scribe some of them in details and teach their foreign friends how to play it.