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2 This is the coat of arms of Toru ń. We have the angel, who is holding the gate of walls of Old Town . One part of the gate is opened for friends, second one is closed for enemies. The angel guards our town. In the picture we see panorama of Toruń. The Old Town on the Vistula river by night. Toruń is one of the best known cities in Po- land. It has long history, convenient location and monuments of fa- mous people whose work and life influ- enced on the image of the modern city. One of them is pope John Paul II. I think that all of you know him very well. Here we have Nicolaus Copernicus , who was an astronomer . He was born in Torun (1473 ) and was the author of a heliocentric (sun- centered) theory of the solar system. In our town we have University of Nicolaus Copernicus . This is one of the most re- spected uni- versities in Poland. It is the largest university in northern Po- land with many different faculties. Toruń is well- known city in Poland because of gingerbread .It’s t he most famous product made in Toruń . N ot only the sophisticated taste , but also the shapes earned Toruń biscuits inter-

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