4 - Memories from Spain

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2 My name is Martyna Truszczyńska. I go to school number 8 in Torun. In our school there is a program called 'Comenius'. It in- volves the exchange of children from other countries. Students from Poland Spain and Turkey took part in this program. We first met in our school for the first time. Half of the Polish children hosted the Spanish and the other half hosted the Turkish. In April was the exchange in Spain. I flew with Maya, Natalia, Casper and my teachers. I was very happy that I travelled by plane to Spain on the fourth of April. We had to get up at 4.00 in the morning as we had a flight at 10.30. In the plane I sat next to Natalia and had fun together. We flew four hours to Ma- drid. Then we landed at the airport and im- mediately we drove to Zarza de Granadilla, where my friend was waiting for me with her parents. My friend called Nayary. She had an older brother Edgar who was 12 years old. Her mum and dad were very nice and took care of me. I lived in Abadii near Casper, and Maya and Na- talia lived in Casas del Monte.

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