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WIRE > Issue 024 August 2014 Contents Business wins These project wins have been reported via Pipeline. Project - Llanwern Supervision Client - St Modwen Developments Ltd Location - UK South Wales W&E business and team - LEM - Land Development Contact - Howel Morris Project - GGGI Rwanda Secondary Cities Development Framework Client - IMC Worldwide LTD Location - Rwanda W&E business and team - EP - Planning Contact - Roger Savage Project - STWL Strategic Grid Assurance Client - Severn Trent Water Plc Location - UK – South East W&E business and team - Severn Trent – AMP6 Contact - Rob Sadler The next issue o the WIRE will be published on 26 September. Please send news, stories and content to WIRE > Issue 024 August 2014 04 What’s Atkins’ stance on sustainability? 04 Our Sustainability Principles 05 Can you help us get where we want to be? 06 It used to be hip to be square. So why is circular making a comeback? 07 Atkins makes headway in Rwanda 08 On the starting line with RACE2... 09 Putting the uture in the hands o children 10 I ecosystem services are so important, why did no one notice them beore? 11 Biosecurity hampers spread o diseases 11 Show clients our biodiversity credentials 12 An expert’s view o sustainability 14 The dire consequences o overfshing 15 Getting the lowdown on CEEQUAL 16 Saeguarding Hampstead Heath’s uture 18 Collaboration: key to water investment? Regulars 02 Business wins 03 Neil’s update 31 Landmark awards 32 In the media 32 W&E hot jobs 33 Raising our profle 19 Connecting open spaces in Colombia 20 Keeping the Met out o hot water... 21 Carbon critical: the knowledge base 22 Now we’re beginning to see the light 23 Network Rail gets on the right track 23 Reducing risk and improving quality 24 New Futures theme: Future proofng energy 25 Cities Festival: the big issues explored 26 Critical inrastructure?? 28 The uture depends on what we do today 30 Are businesses taking water risk seriously?

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