Incorporated by Royal Charter and a registered charity (no. 259678) the CQI exists to benefit the public by advancing education in, knowledge of and the practice of quality in industry, commerce, the public sector and the voluntary sectors. In short, the CQI exists to help make organisations better.

We promote the quality management approach, based on planning, measurement and improvement, which delivers the following benefits for organisations:

Improved customer satisfaction
Reduced costs and improved profitability
Improvement and innovation
Identification and management risk
Corporate care and responsibility

We recognise that these business outcomes can only be delivered by competent quality professionals, CQI members, and in support of this the CQI provides the following services:

Promoting the benefits of the quality management approach to industry
Maintaining the Body of Quality Knowledge
Disseminating quality knowledge and resources
Providing qualifications and training
Assessing and recognising quality competence