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What are the benefts o my child taking a School Meal? A reshly prepared, healhy and nuriionally-balanced meal provides more (and beter) nuriion han he majoriy o packed lunches. Children who have a balanced meal a lunchime concenrae beter and are more recepive during afernoon lessons. Siting down and eaing a meal ogeher helps children develop social and inerpersonal skills, and hey ase grea! My child is a really ussy eater, how do I know there will be something they like? In our experience mos children can be quie ussy. Our menus have a mea and vegearian choice each day, and here is even a jacke poao opion, ollowed by a asy desser. Tere is also a selecion o salads, wholemeal bread, rui, cheese & crackers and assored yoghurs and drinks, so here’s pleny o choice. We encourage children o ry new dishes, vegeables and ruis o exend heir palaes because eaing a school meal is also abou learning abou ood and wha a healhy die should consis o. My child has a special diet - can you still cater or this? Yes. I your child has special dieary needs, we can sill provide a meal. We have experience o caering or a wide range o special dies including diabeic, coeliac, low a, low proein, lacose inolerances, egg ree and ohers. Please ring us on 0800 169 2780 o discuss your needs. Who will receive a ree school meal? All children in recepion, year 1 and year 2 in sae-unded schools in England are now eligible or FREE school meals, including pupils in inan and primary schools, ree schools, academies, schools or pupils wih special educaional needs and pupil reerral unis. Free school meals will also coninue o be available o pupils whose parens receive cerain benes and who are regisered o receive one. Why are ree school meals or all inant pupils being introduced? Te governmen is unding schools in England o provide every child in recepion, year 1 and year 2 wih a nuriious meal a lunch ime. Te aim is o improve academic atainmen and save amilies money. Do schools have to provide ree school meals or all inants? Yes. Tis is now a legal requiremen. My child already qualifes or a ree meal - do I need to do anything? Yes. I’s sill imporan o sign up or ree school meals because regisering migh allow your child’s school o access exra money rom cenral governmen o und exra uiion, eaching assisans or afer-school clubs. Even i you don’ wan your child o receive a ree meal, we’d sill encourage you o regiser so ha heir school receives as much unding as possible! Regisering is quick and easy, simply conac he Revenue and Benes Service, Civic Cenre, Gaeshead who will help you regiser. elephone 0191 4333729, email: beneenquiries@ga or logon os.

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