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The Tariq family from Surrey have three children of secondary school age, Kapil (18), Rabir (16) and Alexander (12). Mum, Christel, says that she and her husband, Mo, always eat healthily so the children are more likely to copy; she always leaves out a bowl of healthy snacks within reach such as nuts*, seeds and fruit. Christel has also discovered th at inventing new, tasty and healthy snacks has challenged her children’s perception of healthy food being boring and encouraged them to try new things. For example, frozen banana chunks make a good alternative to ice cream and lollies. Experimenting with healthy and tasty snacks If your child takes a packed lunch to school, you can support the new school food standards by packing a healthier lunch. G DNESS PACKED LUNCHES PACKED WITH PLENTY OF DID YOU KNOW ? THE AVERAGE CHILD IN THE UK EATS LESS THAN HALF OF THE RECOMMENDED 5 PORTIONS OF FRUIT OR VEGETABLES EVERY DAY. Visit our website NOW or for more advice call 0800 089 5001 WHY NOT... DID YOU KNOW ? EATING SUGARY FOODS AND SIPPING SUGARY DRINKS, PARTICULARLY BETWEEN MEALS CAN CAUSE TOOTH DECAY WHICH LEADS T O TOOTH CAVITIES. CHANGE chocolate for fresh fruit CHANGE white bread sandwiches for wholemeal CHANGE crisps for a yoghurt CHANGE the content daily – variety is the spice of a packed lunch DID YOU KNOW ? WATER IS THE BEST DRINK FOR CHILDREN TO HAVE TO QUENCH THEIR THIRST. *Be allergy aware, visit

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