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2 NortheasterN Iowa syNod | .nin.g of shelter care for youth. In addi- tion, 95 congregations from the Northeastern Iowa Synod also gave $117,576 to LSI programs and services in 2013. And, in honor of LSI’s 150th anniversary, Sunday school classes also made special cards and gifts for Bremwood youth. Iowa children and families are also blessed by the gift of your voice, through your advocacy and par- ticipation in Lutheran Day on the Hill and through Shared Ministry Sundays that help raise awareness about local needs. However, while you help provide critically needed services, you also do something even more profound. Many of you know the comfort of having family, friends or your church family to share in your sor- rows and joys. The reality is many people LSI serves do not. Some, in fact, are completely alone. This is why your ongoing donations of beautiful quilts, towel bundles, games, school supplies, backpacks, personal care items and Christmas and Easter gifts mean more than you will ever know. You remind children and families that they are important, their lives matter and they are not alone. In fact, those receiving your quilts are often surprised someone would care enough to make something so spe- cial for them. Years after leaving our residential treatment program, a former resident called to tell LSI staff that she was starting a career with the Marines, and she mentioned that the handmade blanket she received while with us was going with her. “Whenever I feel scared or alone, I look for my blanket, and it reminds me that people care about me and that I can succeed,” she said. You, as part of the Northeastern Iowa Synod, are the people who care. In fact, your congregations are so essential to the mission of LSI that LSI’s board of directors, which includes the three Bishops of the Iowa Synods of the ELCA, created this impact policy: “Every ELCA congregation understands and claims Lutheran Services in Iowa’s work as an exten- sion of its ministry.” This is your ministry. And every day you are changing lives for children and families! Shawna is one of those families. A mother of three children, Shawna was struggling with meth use and a domestic violence situation. She faced a mother’s worst nightmare: losing her children. However, with help from LSI staff, she slowly turned her life around. She became drug free. She removed herself from an unsafe relationship. She learned to surround herself with people who could support her A Grateful Thanks from LSI for Your Witness and Service << Continued from page 1 A special quilt made by the children of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Postville for the children of LSI’s Bremwood Residen- tial Treatment Center in Waverly You, as part of the Northeastern Iowa Synod, are the people who care.

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