CMGT 555 Week 2 DQ 1 and DQ 2

October 17, 2015  |  By  | CMGT 555 Week 2 DQs Week 2 DQ 1 The major activities covered in the planning phase are scope definition (expected results), constraints (the boundaries for the scope, may be financial or time bound) and the goals. For a project at work or home, state its scope, constraints and goals. Week 2, DQ#2 To decide on proceeding with the project or not, a feasibility study is conducted in the planning stage. List the 4 elements of feasibility given in our CMGT 555 Course Notes. Add economic feasibility and apply at least 4 of them to a decision you made, like a project at work, buying a house, taking a new job, pursuing your degree (thinking outside the IT box is fine).

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