HRM 595 Week 5 Strategic Human Resources (HR) Presentation

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For more course tutorials visit Select one team member’s organization, or another organization of your choice, that needs or is facing a strategic change. As the vice president of HR, you will announce to employees your vision of what must be done and how the organization will implement it. In a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker’s notes, include the following: • Identify the change’s key objectives. • Determine what changes must be made in organizational structure, vision, and culture to support the change. • Determine how the change will be effectively managed, including key obstacles, new objectives, leadership, and employee buy-in and commitment, and how to embed the implemented change. • Explain how these changes may affect international strategies, assuming the organization is overseas or has plans to go global in the near future. • Explain how these changes will better position the organization for the future

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