Real Estate Technology Partners

January 6, 2014  |  By  | 

As you will discover in the next few minutes Real Estate Technology Partners is not made up of traditional real estate agents. The traditional real estate agent is interested in just doing the minimum amount of work required. They actually make money by simply putting a sign on someone's front lawn, loading the listing onto the MLS and running an ad in the paper. It is basically wash, rinse, and repeat. So don't be surprised to hear something from us that challenges traditional thinking as we explode some long held beliefs and show how technology has changed the industry. Another advantage of the Real Estate Technology Partners Team is our ability to differentiate ourselves and create a defining gap between the average agents marketing plan and our leading edge technology, market research and systems. We have the tools, marketing knowhow, and proven technologies that propels forward our client's listing. Through open and honest communication, our clients can expect a more positive and enjoyable experience.

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