Industry Certification Classroom Projects for I.B.T.

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Holiday Newsletter You will create an informational 1-page newsletter highlighting one of your favorite winter holidays. Choose one of the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Kwanza, and New Year’s Day. If a holiday is not listed, check with me to see if it is appropriate to use. Required components: • Create a 1-Page newsletter with 0.5 inch margins all the way around, with 10 or 11 point size font for text and appropriate sized headings. Your newsletter can be two or three columns. In Word, you will use a newsletter template to create your Newsletter. • Create a title for your newsletter and include your name(s) as the editor (s). • Insert a date, volume #, and Issue Number • You must have at least 4 sections somewhere in the newsletter to set off important information. • Section heading ideas: o Humor section with jokes, funny stories, or something fun to do on that holiday o History section detailing the origin of the holiday, how it is celebrated, and where o Holiday foods section listing at least one good recipe for a festive holiday food o Fun and Games section giving ideas for parties, fun, or games that can be played for this holiday o Other sections appropriate to your holidays • At least two pieces of clipart on the newsletter, but do not overdo using graphics. Make sure you have enough white space! • Do not copy and paste from the Internet. You must put the information that you find in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Your newsletter will be graded on the required components.

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