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2 IN THIS ISSUE 3 Why volunteer? 5 How to be a volunteer? 8 Where can someone volunteer? 12 Benefits of Volunteering 15 UNIVO’s Hero Interview Vol. 2, No. 1 / Monthly / ENGLISH Printing Each Issue: 51,800 in 3 Languages Editor and Management Achieve: Gloria Stefany Girón Arévalo Graphic Designer: Karen del Rosario Álvarez Publisher: Edgar Armando Parada Portillo The edition of this magazine finished on November 26 th , 2014. Zip code: (503) 2262-4513 It is complete against the law to reprint total or partial this magazine. San Miguel, San Miguel, El Salvador American Publisher. All Rights Reserved. Contac us: fb: shine magazine . Email: Editor’s Letter: The present academic magazine has the purpose to inform, to persuade and to convince student to be part of interesting groups. Besides that, in this magazine students can also know about new projects that national universities are promoting. This volume’s topic is: “Voluntarism… our gift to the world”; throu gh the articles you can know how to be a volunteer, where can you be a volunteer and the benefits of doing it. I hope you to enjoy this volume. Best rewards!