Drake LaDue

Drake LaDue


Drake LaDue


Brand X Mobile

Drake LaDue is a 25 year Business Veteran with a concentration in:

Mobile Marketing and Strategy
Business and Clinical Intelligence
Information and Inventory Management Systems
Health Care Information Systems
Patient Education
Commercial Content Delivery Systems
Drake LaDue for the past two years has worked in the Mobile Tech and Strategy market place and has become one of the global experts on the field. He is personally endorsed by the Global Mobile Marketing Association as well as David Luttenberger VP of Global Packaging Strategies at Iconoculture and Doug Markott of Showtime Networks. He has helped write mobile best practices strategies for some of the worlds largest corporations.

Drake LaDue believes in giving back whenever possible so he volunteers his time delivering lunch and breakfast to underprivileged children in his neighborhood. In 2011 he helped develop the very first accredited Martial Arts Program within the Durham Public School System