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2014-12 December Bluegrass Division E Newsletter

Steve Lanham

Published on December 4, 2014

2 Cynthia Brandt, ACG, ALB Area Governor Somemes being a leader means guid- ing people towards new heights that they never thought were possible. That’s one of the lessons that Cynthia Brandt, ACG, ALB, has learned during her rst months as Area 42 Governor. “I would like them to believe they can soar” — as clubs and as individuals. “My role is … to support and advise,” she said. “No maer how much I want the club to succeed, it is ulmately up to the members.” Right now, 3 of the 4 clubs in Area 42 have 12 or fewer members, qualifying them for club coaches. EKU was hit hard this past year by graduaon losses and has dipped to 6 members. “It will take a lot work and constant membership recruitment but they have to potenal to be a thriving club,” Brandt observed. Madco’s membership has dropped to 11 members. Brandt said “the hus- band and wife team of Russ and Car- men Westbrook … add a lot of value to the club and could lead their club to disnguished status this year.” The Kentucky Foothills club (previously Clark County TM) now has 11 members, but Brandt thinks the veteran Toastmasters in that club, including 2 Disnguished Toastmas- ters, can lead the club to rmer foong on the membership front. The other club in Area 42 — Lexington Leaders — is thriving. The meengs there are “fun and full of laughs and very professional…. They are denitely doing something right that they could teach us,” Brandt commented. She joined Toastmasters, she said, so “I could get up in front of people and speak.” She stays because “there are sll more ways I can always improve and grow. I have also learned about leadership and found out I have something to oer.” Her greatest memories as a Toastmas- ter? She said, “There are so many,” but she has really enjoyed compeng in speech contests and reaping the fruits of the 3 High Performance Lead- ership (HPL) projects that she has completed, she said. Meet Your Division Officers… from Area 42 Charlene Creager ACS, CL Assistant Governor Somemes people just need to be asked to get involved. That’s how Charlene Creager, ACS, CL, began her TM jour- ney. “I rst joined because a friend asked me to … one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she said. She joined the Kentucky Foot- hills club, formerly Clark Coun- ty, 25 years ago and is one of two remaining charter mem- bers acvely parcipang. And then Area 42 Governor Cynthia Brandt, ACG, ALB, asked Creager if she’d be inter- ested in serving as assistant area governor — and she agreed to do so. While she didn’t acvely seek the assistant governor’s role, she does view this posion as a stepping stone to becoming area governor. “I am willing to contribute to the organizaon that has done so much for me,” she said. Besides, she added, “it might be nice to complete my DTM.” Serving as area governor sas- es one of the requirements for the Advanced Leader Silver award. “I’ve seen Toastmas- ters help so many peo- ple improve their con- dence. I want it to be available to more people than are taking ad- vantage of it now,” she said. One way to get the word out, she suggested, would be to market TM more eecvely to corporaons in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Cassandra Smith ACG, CL Assistant Governor Morehead could use a Toastmas- ters club. That’s on the to - do list for Cassan- dra Smith , ACG, CL, Assistant Area 42 Governor and Accounng Professor at Morehead State University. Right now, Smith is a member of the Kentucky Foot- hills Club and she travels 45 minutes from Morehead to club meengs in Winchester. She said that she has “met many awesome people” in Area 42 and that communicaon in the area is “very strong.” Serving as assistant area governor has helped her, she said, in understanding the responsibilies of the area governor, such as “how to facilitate (speech) contests.” Smith stated that she is denitely interested in serv- ing as Area Governor and earning her Disnguished Toastmaster award. She said she started her trek in Toastmasters at the invitaon of a friend. She stuck around, she said, be- cause she “learned how to eecvely communicate and lead.” PAGE 2