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Flower bulbs in parks lift the spirits

Hactor Radisson

Published on December 2, 2014

undisturbed to prepare for flowering during the next growing season. Spring-flowering bulbs used in this way actually follow the same cycle as perennials. Often, spring-flowering bulbs used in this way are part of an existing perennial for create a nonstop border that includes perennials, shrubs or roses. Flowering every year Some bulbs even become naturalized. These bulbs have even more to offer than the perennial bulbs. Just like perennial bulbs, bulbs for naturalizing remain undisturbed after flowering and will emerge every year thereafter. But their added advantage is that they increase in number year after year. Tips 1. Although flower bulbs will thrive in many types of soil, they will still prefer one location above another. 2. How should spring flowering bulbs be planted? There are various ways to do this. 3. It depends on how many bulbs are being planted per square meter. Examples: 40-50 bulbs/square meter for large-flowered crocuses planted in a public green space, but 15-20 for combination plantings in a border.