ACC 225 Week 8 Assignment Internal Control and Bank Reconciliati

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Assignment: Internal Control and Bank Reconciliations • Resource: Fundamental Accounting Principles, pp. 338 and 339 • Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum • Complete Problems 81A, 83A, and 84A (including the Analysis Component) on pp. 338339. When responding to the cases in 81A, be sure to think critically about each case. Identify the principles of internal control that has been violated, and give an explanation of why you think that principle has been violated. Identify the consequences of the actions described in the cases. Make a recommendation for what the business should do to ensure adherence to principles of internal control. • Use the spreadsheet in Appendix B available on aXcess to complete Problem 84A. Be sure to use the tabs labeled SP0804A and Given P0804A • Post your answers as an attachment.

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