Social Impact Report 2014

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Our 2014 review highlights the strong and consistent impact SIS customers are making in communities across Scotland. SIS is delighted to share a summary of the results from our annual customer survey and social impact review, following on from reports produced in 2012 and 2013. Over the last twelve months, SIS has continued to support its customers in a whole range of ways: to secure new funding streams, improve sustainability, expand, or purchase assets. In response to customer feedback, April 2014 saw the launch of a new £16million Social Growth Fund, which has allowed SIS to make larger investments, as well as a new risk capital product. With support from the European Union, a new Investment Readiness programme is being rolled out across Scotland and, in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise, this region now has its own dedicated investment manager. A further important project has been the development of a programme of nance and support for ambitious and growing social enterprises known as LaunchMe!, an initiative of the BIG Lottery and SIS, being delivered by Firstport. SIS customers continue to support the delivery of social impact in almost every region of Scotland. SIS is evolving the use of an outcomes matrix to help capture the diverse range of areas where these customers are making a difference and to tell the story of the impact of social investment. This is being used on a pilot basis this year and will be rolled out across the investment portfolio in 2015. Feedback on this matrix was sought as part of this year’s survey: SIS never wants reporting to be a burden on an organisation’s operations. RESPONSE RATE 2013/14 IN NUMBERS SINCE 2001 BACKGROUND AND METHOD SIS SIF Introduction A 94 % 96 % £7.7m £41.7m 55 new investments SIS’s annual survey ocuses on the fnancial and social impact o our customers and seeks eedback on SIS’s perormance. For the frst time, this year’s report includes eedback not only rom customers who have received investment rom SIS’s core investment capital (in line with previous years) but also rom those organisations who have received investment rom the Scottish Investment Fund (SIF) . This is a summary o the results o a ull evaluation o the Scottish Investment Fund that was also completed in 2014. In line with previous years, SIS commissioned FMR Research, an independent social research consultancy, to conduct the surveys and analyse the fndings on our behal. 311 investments

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