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Mel Metford

Published on December 2, 2014

2S FOYER DISPLAY NEWS FLASH ELF ON THE SHELF Exciting news Santa has sent MPS our very own Scout Elf after reading the persuasive letters our students wrote requesting one. The Scout Elf arrived on Friday during a whole School assembly. The roar of excitement must have been heard at the North Pole. Before his magic starts to work he needs to be named, so each class went quickly t work thinking of names eventually “Buddy” was chosen. So far Buddy has caused mayhem in the office climbing all over the Christmas tree. What will he get up to next? Students have been writing him notes, drawing him pictures and asking some serious questions about life as an Elf, then posting them in the special mail box in the library by the Elf door. Look out for him each day to follow his adventures at our school. COMMUNITY LIAISON OFFICER’S NEWS Hi Everyone. To ensure everyone had an opportunity to provide feedback for Metford Public Schools’ planning for 2015-2017 and also for the uniform, online links were created. If you haven’t already done so and still wish to provide feedback please follow these links. For school planning feedback go to . For uniform feedback go to or you can call into the office and complete a feedback form. Thank you to everyone who has accessed these links to provide their feedback and these links will remain open until this Friday. BREAKFAST CLUB – The last week for breakfast club will be next week (Week 10). This program is a favourite with our students and we hope to continue in 2015. We greatly appreciate the help received throughout this year by Grant McGinty, Kathy Gilllies, Tina Thomas, Josephine Thompson, Megan Christie, Anissa Tuatara and Brooke Cordingley. Thank you. We also extend a huge thank you to Dr George Patience of Greenhills Dental who has supported this program in 2014 so we can purchase food. Please consider lending a hand in 2015 so we can keep this wonderful program running. VOLUNTEERS MORNING TEA – Metford Public School would like to thank all our 2014 volunteers by hosting a morning tea on Friday 12 th December. Invitations will go home this week. Have a great week! Katherine Barr