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Our purpose is to build inclusive, collaborative networks through communities of practice. Student engagement, learning and well-being are a focus and build relevant knowledge and skills that reflect local priorities. Swimming Fun: Our students have worked really hard at their swimming lessons and have improved greatly since the beginning of last week. Their teachers are very proud of them. Year 6 Farewell: Staff, Year 5 and 6 students are preparing for a wonderful night of celebrating 7 years of primary education for our 2014 year 6 students. This will be held in our hall from 5:30pm till 9pm. Next week, our final newsletter for the year will be a collation of photos from the year. Enjoy remembering our special times of learning and sharing education from the 2014 year. Regards Cathy IMPORTANT ROAD SAFETY REMINDER FOR PARENTS AND CARERS THESE HOLIDAYS As the school holidays approach, it is important to remember when walking near roads, on footpaths, near driveways and in car parks always: • hold your child’s hand. Until they are at least 8 years old children need to hold an adult's hand. Until they at least 10, children should be closely supervised by an adult and hold hands when crossing the road. • talk to your child about road safety. Talk about how to be safe when near roads. Be a good role model. • point out road safety dangers and differences in new environments. This is especially important when on holidays in different surroundings. Roads, footpaths and pedestrian facilities may look different in holiday areas. The best way to keep your child safe on or near the road is to hold their hand. Talk with your child daily about road safety. Remind other adults and carers about this too. You can find out more at Transport for NSW. http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/children/pedestriansafety.html Have a safe holiday break! PRINCIPAL’S LUNCHES 4.12.14

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