BSHS 312 Week 3 Learning Team Behavioral Cognitive Tools Beck De

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BSHS 312 Week 3 Learning Team Behavioral Cognitive Tools Beck Depression Inventory Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Choose a model or theory of helping which is not addressed in the class and get approval for the topic from the faculty member. Make sure that you have chosen a topic on which adequate research and writing is available to support your presentation. Each Learning Team member must be involved and contribute to the development of the presentations, and each student’s part must be documented. Include the following information in your presentation: The history of the development of the theory; the beliefs on which it is based; the important contributors or practitioners of the theory; the theory of helping; the relationship between the helper and the client; some techniques or approaches developed; the kinds of problems addressed; the populations on which the techniques are used; multicultural issues in using these approaches; and research findings on the model or theory. Paper on Cognitive Interventions Submit a 1,200- to 1500-page paper of your findings on Cognitive Intervention Systems Theory Begin to prepare your Systems Theory Paper. For more classes visit

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